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Post 10 – Out of the Water

It’s nearly two years since my last post.  Not because I have not thought about it but more along the lines of finding the emotional energy to add to what was a very short intense period in my life.  Since … Continue reading

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Post 9 – Day 5 – Chaos

Saturday afternoon and the house was being gutted, not just a simple removal of the filthy contents but the actual fabric of the building.  It was as if we were trying to remove something nasty by stripping off the skin. … Continue reading

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Post 8 – Day 5 – Chaos

Sometimes you are not prepared for events because you don’t know what to expect.  You have a plan in your mind and then it gets blown away in an instant.  My plan was simple, I didn’t have one.  It’s not … Continue reading

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Post 7 – Day 4 – The Red Shoe

Friday January the 14th. I wanted to see my house alone, nobody else just me. It was going to be a very private moment.  This is the house that I personally renovated only 3 years before so it had to be … Continue reading

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Post 6 – Day 3 – Waiting

Another waiting day but this one was the big one.  The tide had peaked at that “port” at 4am that morning and was not expected to rise any further.  News reports on the radio said it was about a meter … Continue reading

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Post 5 – Day 2 – Waiting

When friends or family and especially strangers open their house and welcome you in with no conditions attached, this is when you know you are not alone.  Wednesday really was a blur and I am struggling to remember what happened … Continue reading

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Post 4 – Day 1 – Abandoned

Not only was the water impinging on my space, Billie was totally confused by the presence of the stuff on an area she usually inhabits to cool off on a hot day.  She definitely does not like water and was … Continue reading

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