Post 10 – Out of the Water

It’s nearly two years since my last post.  Not because I have not thought about it but more along the lines of finding the emotional energy to add to what was a very short intense period in my life.  Since those really full on days, life has been a round of planning and “doing” as part of the long road back in rebuilding the house.  Since I have only just moved back in and it is still only partly complete, what I would like to do is add a few final images and words to wrap up this part of my life and move onto the next.  Simple things like sitting on a sofa for the first time in the house or the first water running out of the tap tend to take on more significance that they really should.  The weird thing was two weeks ago preparing the house for the possibility of being flooded again.  This time I knew what to do and what to expect.  Luckily the water did not invade my space but it still had the that insidious habit of creeping into spaces and places that I remember too well.

Lets see where these last posts will take us.

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