In the beginning…..

It is exactly 14 days since it all began and it’s all a bit of a haze at the moment.  It is a journey I do no want to take again but perversely I would have not missed it for “quids”.  This experience has changed me it has changed the people around me and it has absolutely confirmed to me that we are a pretty unique species.  I will come back to why the site is called The Red Shoe but in a simple unadorned way I would like to describe in my own words what it is like to go through a flood when you lose all your material posessions but gain a deeper understanding of what its like to live in a community, to have great friends, to make new friends so easily and to have a deeply caring family.  This site is dedicated to those people, its not a site for me its a site for those who helped me and others like me through this tough and emotional time.  I cannot thank you enough and will always be indebted to you.

I now know what it really means to accept help – willingly offered with no conditions.

Feel free to add comments particularly those volunteers who helped a complete stranger in a time of need and remember this is a blog so if you are new to the site start reading under My Posts from the first post  – Day 1,  January 11, 2011.

Alan Cody – January 2011

Chelmer, Queensland

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2 Responses to In the beginning…..

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Feel free to add comments to the site. I would especially like the comments to be a record of those around me who supported me either directly or indirectly during and after the “event”. The comments can be about anything. I welcome them all.

  2. “I now know what it really means to accept help – willingly offered with no conditions.”. Totally agree with this – hit me like a sledgehammer of human kindness.

    As I watched our house being slowly consumed by the muddy brown water, a complete stranger asked me if I needed help to move belongings out of the house. I said “No, its only material possessions and they will just have to go under”. After numerous verbal exchanges, the stranger talked me around to his point of view. Suddenly there was an eruption of human intervention. 15 strangers from nearby streets emptied the entire upper floor of our house and stored it safe in their garages, under their houses and in their car ports.

    My faith in humanity has been restored. In a weird, warped, kind-of-way, this flood disaster was required to get people talking to – and helping – each other again. I too would not have missed it for “quids”.

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